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Sean Connery's Gambling Story

“The name is Bond… James Bond. When Sean Connery delivered the famous line in the opening scene of Dr. In 1962, he was sitting in a Monte Carlo casino, playing Chemin-de-Fer. It was there that we discovered that Bond had a penchant for big money. From the first film to the most recent, Spectre, James Bond has always been associated with casinos. Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker - he tried his hand and was always successful. There is even a roulette system named 007. You can try to find Chemmy in an online casino, but of course there are many variations of the casino game in your hand. More interesting than the story of James Bond and the casino, in the novel and film, is the story of Sean Connery. Not only is Connery the first - often referred to as "the best" - Bond, but he has a lot of experience that can rival that of his character. It may have been a woman like Sylvia Trench looking at him, or wearing a suave dress, drinking a dry martini (shaken, not inspired, really), but Connery went to the casino and won big. 


When Connery won the casino 


It was in 1963 (a year after the release of Dr. No) that Connery frequented the Casino de la Vallée in Saint-Vincent, Italy, in the heart of the Alps. If you are interested, the casino is still open to customers today, having opened in 1947. 카지노사이트 주소


A fan of roulette, Connery walked straight to the table and, in true Bond style, placed a straight bet on number 17. As the wheel spins, he takes a good look, only to lose his bet. Undaunted, he tried again, a straight bet on 17 but again the bet failed. So he tried again, for the third time, and it was the third time lucky - the number came.


Obviously, the start of a new (and lucky) run, he left his money on the table and bet 17 more - for the second time he entered. Riding the wave, he tried again and managed to pull away, three amazing laps in a row. This time, he made the wise decision to collect his winnings and run, making history in the process. The odds of 17 coming in three consecutive rounds is 1:50653 odds and in the roulette of 37 and 1 the payout is 35:1. Connery won 17 million Italian lire (which is more than £ 160,000 in today's money). Certainly not bad for five minutes of work - and a performance that James Bond himself would be proud of.


When Connery imitated the exploit 


In 1971's Diamonds Are Forever, not only did Connery return to the role of Bond (after refusing to star in On Her Majesty's Secret Service in 1969), in what would be his last appearance as a secret agent , but in true Bond fashion, it's back to the casino. Diamonds features many casino attractions, but none is more iconic than the roulette wheel at Circus Circus. The opening credits see Bond dispatching the villain by putting his head on the roulette wheel, before finally returning to the Las Vegas casino and placing a bet (again) on 17 to win big! After success at roulette, Bond plays Craps. 

Walking into a casino and sitting down at a slot machine or poker table is fun. Normally, many gamblers have a game of chance adrenaline pumping, and their hope of coming to a big win is high. Although some players leave with experience and nothing else, others leave casinos with experience and millions of dollars through skill and luck. Read the following stories of some players who won big money in casinos. Sean Connery 

There was a time when the number "17" was the favorite of roulette players. In 1963, Connery won this number while playing roulette, and he did it again in the movie "Diamonds Are Forever" in 1971. Also known as the great spy James Bond, Sean's story shows incredible luck. Like James Bond, he invested his money in "17" in a casino in the Alps, Italy. After missing the first two rounds, the ball landed on the number "17" after spinning the wheel three times. Instead of collecting his winnings like most players would do, Sean left his winnings there and decided to spin the wheel again. To the surprise of many, the ball landed on the number "17" again, but it was even worse when Sean refused to collect his winnings for the second time. As if he saw it coming, Connery turned the wheel once before the ball miraculously found the number "17" for the third time. Connery won £10,000, which is worth around £163,000 in today's market. Although many other players have won fortune with the number "17" after Connery, that does not mean that "17" is your lucky number. If you have your own lucky number, the challenge can be how to find it. If you really believe that your number is connected to fortune, you can try your luck like Connery did. Or like Ashley Revell.


William Nelson Darnborough 

Born in 1869, William is an American citizen who is famous for his great success in roulette. Unlike many other casino players, William's money did not come overnight. This determined man collected his prize of half a million dollars in seven years. And yes, in today's market, that's a lot of money. Between 1904 and 1911, William played in a casino in Monte-Carlo, and his love for roulette did not disappoint him. Maybe he knew what was waiting for him. Before accumulating wealth, William was said to be playing roulette in various illegal casinos in the United States. The fact that the operation of these casinos took place in saloons did not prevent William from playing his favorite game.


Game watcher William Darnborough described him as a wheel watcher who could predict where the ball would land. At one point, he shocked the other players and spectators of the casino when he won five rounds in a row on the slot number "5". William married after his victory and moved to England. Although he died in 1958, he remains a legend in the casino business.

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